English Papers and Presentations

Issues for Carbon Neutrality (Science and Policy)
IEEJ Energy Jounal Special Issue October 2021

Is It Possible to Achieve Global-Scale Net-Zero Emissions by 2050?
IEEJ Energy Jounal Special Issue February 2021

Carbon Capture and Storage, the Key to Achieving Net Zero Emissions
The Japan Journal JANUARY/FEBRUARY, 2021

Perspectives on IPCC Special Report “Global Warming of 1.5℃”
RITE Today, Voi.19, 2019

Towards net zero CO2 emissions without relying on massive carbon dioxide removal
Yoichi Kaya, Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, Oliver Geden

Sustainability Science
Receivrd:21 December 2018 / Accepted:27 february 2019, Online puplication

IPCC Special Report on Global Warming Leaves Policymakers Not Much the Wiser
The Japan Journal March/April, 2019

Issues Concerning the Paris Agreement on Global Warming: Limitations of Negative Emissions Dependence— Make Zero Emissions the Guiding Principle
Discuss Japan—Japan Foreign Policy Forum, No.50 2018

Climate Pledges: The Need for Greater Transparency
The Japan Journal May/June, 2018

Prove Paris was more than paper promises
nature 548, pp25-27, 3 August 2017

A comment article,co-authored by Professor David G.Victor of University of California,San Diego USA
and three RITE members, President Yoichi Kaya,Special Advisor Mitsutsune Yamaguchi
and Group Leader Keigo Akimoto of Systems Analysis Group.

Climate Change: What Informs a Nation's policy?
The Japan Journal July/August, 2017

Toward CO2 net Zero-emission over Long Term
IEEJ Energy Jounal Special Issue June 2016

The Paris Agreement: Climate Mission Sustainable?
The Japan Journal May, 2016

Towards a Workable and Effective Climate Regime
Scott Barrett, Carlo Carraro, Jaime de Melo, ed.
Chapter 8, The view from different parts of the world: A view from Japan
Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, Keigo Akimoto

10 November 2015

The uncertainty of climate sensitivity and its implication for the Paris negotiation
Yoichi Kaya, Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, Keigo Akimoto
Sustainability Science Vol.11, Issue 3, pp515-518, May, 2016

Decision making under uncertainty -Climate sensitivity and 2 degree target
Posted on the ICEF(Innovation for Cool Earth Forum) Official URL
July 28, 2015

Making Plans for the Paris Climate Conference
The Japan Journal March, 2015

【Video】ICEF (Innovation for Cool Earth Forum) 1st Annual Meeting
Presentation: Innovation (in a broader sense) is the key to cope with climate change
Oct 8, 2014, Tokyo

IPCC 5th Assessment Reports and their Impact on Future Negotiations
The Japan Journal June, 2014

Redesigning Japan's Renewables Policy
The Japan Journal May, 2014

The Process of Designing Environmental Policy - Lessons learnt from the cases in UK
RITE TODAY Vol 9, 2014

Nuclear Power: The Limits of Liability
The Japan Journal October, 2012

Climate Change Mitigation, A Blanced Approach to Climate Change
Springer, July, 2012
Springer URL

Nuclear Woes Push Japan Into A New Energy Future
Weekend Edition Sunday, National Public Radio, March 11, 2012

Aim Only for an Achievable Target
The Japan Journal January, 2012

In search of effective and feasible International Framework
A Balanced Approach(vertically and horizontally)

COP 17 and Beyond: Japan-UK and Global Action for Addressing Climate Change Roundtable Session
November 11, 2011

Nuclear Power Plant Accident and Japanese Energy and climate policy
September 5, 2011

Agree to Disagree on 2℃ Target
The Japan Journal April, 2011

Accelerating the transfer and diffusion of energy saving technologies steel sector experience-Lessons learned
Teruo Okazaki, Mitsutsune Yamaguchi
Energy Policy 39(2011) 1296-1304

Current situation of Domestic Environmental Policy Tools,including Emissions Trading-Japanese experience
International Symposium Environmental Protection and Industrial Competitiveness, in March 17, 2011, SEOUL
(This symposium has been cancelled due to the earthquake in Japan, March 11, 2011.)

How to design effective and feasible International Agreement
Symposium on IPCC-AR5 focusing on Mitigation Policies, Intitutions and Finance
Scheduld to be held in March 15, 2011, Tokyo
(This symposium has been postponed due to the earthquake in Japan, March 11, 2011.)

A paradigm shift and Post-Kyoto international framework: -Japanese approach-
December, 8, 2010 at the COP16 side-event held in Cancun

Reviewing Communications at the IPCC
The Japan Journal November, 2010

Views on the Scientific Findings of IPCC Assessment Reports
September 30, 2010

Japan's Tagets Depend on Others' Ambitions
The Japan Journal June, 2010

Le Japon apres le sommet de Copenhague (COP15)
Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris
Juin 2, 2010

COP15 and Japan’s strategy
2nd Climate Change Policy Workshop
“Evaluation of COP15 and international trends in climate change policies especially for the realization of Copenhagen Accord”
4 March, 2010

The Burden of Applause
The Japan Journal December, 2009

All Must Meet Their Obligations
The Japan Journal August, 2009

Climate Change Policies:Vertical Balance, Horizontal Balance
JAPAN ECONOMIC CURRENTS No.72 June, 2009 (Keizai Koho Center)

World in the Balance
The Japan Journal April, 2009

"Emissions Trading Developments across the world - lessons for Japan?"
as a Commentator to Mr. Henry DERWENT’s presentation
Handouts by Henry DERWENT
Comments by M. YAMAGUCHI
( Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, BBL Seminar No.514, May 22, 2008 )

"U.S. Climate Change Policy: Where We Are and Where We Are Headed"
as a Commentator to Ms. Eileen CLAUSSEN’s presentation
Presentation by Eileen CLAUSSEN
Comments by M. YAMAGUCHI
( Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Special Seminar, April 4, 2008 )

Balanced Approach to Climate Change, A proposal of effective framework
A paper prepared for the plenary session at
"International Meeting on Mid-Long Term Strategy for Climate Change"
held at University of tokyo, June 30/July 1, 2008

Technology need for Innovation
The Japan Journal July, 2008

Fifty-Fifty vision
The Japan Journal June, 2008

Ultimate Objective
The Japan Journal January, 2008

Why Cap & Trade scheme has not been introduced in Japan ?
December, 2007

Comment le Japan entend renegocier le protocole de Kyoto
Le Monde Feb 6, 2007

Keio Economic Studies, 43(1).85-112 (2006)

CDM potential in the power-generation and energy-intensive industries of China
Climate Policy VOLUME 5,ISSUE 2, 167-184, 2005
*This article was published in Climate Policy 5(2), ISSN 1469-3062, copyright 2005 Earthscan. www.climatepolicy.com.*

Implementing the Kyoto Protocol Commitment and their impacts on trade
-Focusing on Japanese automobile fuel efficiency standards-
Keio Economic Studies, 41(1).37-57 (2004)

"What can Japan do for Capacity Buildings in Countries with Economies in Transition?"
-- A paper submitted to the OECD Workshop on National Systems for Flexible
Mechanisms; Implementation Issues in Countries with Economies in
Transition, May 13-15, 2002, Szentendre, Hungary

"Extended Producer Responsibility in Japan"
-- Introduction of "EPR" into Japanese waste policy and some controversy --
The Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) No.19 Feb, 2002

"Science (IPCC Research Activities) and Democracy"
-- Keynote speech at The Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies --
held in September 29, 2001 at The Kyoto International Conference Center

Questions and Answers on Climate Change
-- Questions and Answers broadcasted through Japan Broadcasting Corporation
(NHK)'s international news telecasted in July 21, 2001 (Resumed COP 6). --

On International Trade and the Extended Producer Responsibility
-- A paper presented to the OECD workshop
on Extended Producer Responsibility held in Helsinki on May 11-13 --

Two important aspects to be clarified On the EPR Discussion at OECD
-- a paper presented to the OECD workshop on May, 1999 --

The Point at Issue of the EPR Discussion at OECD
-- Mimeo, Keio University April 1, 1999

On the flexibility Mechanisms and Developing Countries' Participation
-- a paper presented to the Joint Japan-US Study Group on Mutual Supportiveness of the Japan_US_Study_Group_1.PDFEnvironmental Protection and the Economic Growth

On the Institutional Aspects of the Flexibility Mechanisms
-- Joint Japan-U.S.A. Study Group on Mutual Supportiveness
Of the Environmental Protection and the Economic Growth
(October 19/20, 1998 in Washington D.C.)

Trade and Environment ---- One Important Aspect
-- A paper included in the final report of Japan~United States Collaboration
on Trade and the Environment between the Global Environment & Trade Study
and the Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute February ,1998

Questions and Answers on Climate Change
-- Questions and Answers broadcasted through Japan Broadcasting Corporation
(NHK)'s international news telecasted in July 21, 2001 (Resumed COP 6). --

Balanced Approach to Climate Change, A proposal of effective framework
Power Point presentation for the plenary session at
"International Meeting on Mid-Long Term Strategy for Climate Change"
held at University of tokyo, June 30/July 1, 2008

"Japan’s implementation plan of the Kyoto Protocol target and a proposal for the future international framework"
ICCF AP6 panel discussion at National Press Club, Washington D.C. February 13, 2007 (power Point)

"Regional Trade Agreements (RTA) and Environment"
--Presentation at the meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 26, 2007 (power Point)

"Japan's Implementation Plan & Post-Kyoto Frameworks"
-Broadcasted on January 12, 2007, NHK World TV

"Economics of Climate Change Comments on the Stern Review"
--Presentation at the symposium at UN University, Japan, November 28, 2006(Power Point)

"Economic measures of CO2 mitigation, its background and validness, focusing on Post-Kyoto global climate policy "
--Presentation at The 2nd Meeting of ExxonMobil/Toyota Climate Change Partnership, Japan, July 5, 2006(Power Point)

"Overview of GHG stabilization level "
--Presentation at The 2nd Meeting of ExxonMobil/Toyota Climate Change Partnership, Japan, July 3, 2006(Power Point)

"EU ETS, an analysis and its implication to Japanese Environmental Policy "
--Presentation at British Embassy, Japan, September 27, 2005(Power Point)

"Factors that affect innovation, deployment and diffusion of energy-efficient technologies - Case studies of Japan and iron/steel industry"
--Presentation at In-session Workshop on Mitigation at SBSTA22, Bonn, May 23, 2005(Power Point)

"Kyoto Protocol, National Climate Policy and Industry: Japanese experiences"
--Presentation at the international symposium at Yonsei University, Korea, February 15, 2005(Power Point)

"Comments to Dr. A. Michaelowa’s Presentation "
--Presentation at Yakuruto Hall, Japan, January 8, 2005(Power Point)

"Japanese Strategy on Climate Change "
-- Presentation at White House, US, February 9, 2004 (Power Point)

"Towards promotion of CDM activities in China"
-- Presentation at the COP 9 in Milan, held on December 8, 2003 (Power Point)
Document 1
Document 2

"Japan China Cooperation in Environmental Field"
-- Presentation at Japan-China cooperation in the environmental field, China, March 27, 2003(Power Point)

"Can Japan comply with the Kyoto Protocol Target?
An analysis of Japanese Implementation Policies"

-- Presentation at a workshop of global warming and Canada:
"How should we cope with the Kyoto Protocol? Canada and Japan"
held on January 31, 2003 at the University of British Columbia

"CDM and Role of Japan"
-- Presentation at UNIDO/MRI Forum 'Opportunities for Japan in Asia,' Japan,June 24, 2002 Tokyo(Power Point)

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